FeedBurner buys BlogBeat

It’s old news already, but FeedBurner has bought BlogBeat. BlogBeat is the neat little blog statistics service I use to track the three readers of my blog (hi there,!)

I find this buyout quite entertaining for three reasons:

1. Even though the service continues to operate for their existing customers, they give a full refund to all paid accounts. In other words, I paid for something I liked, only to have the seller reject my money later on because they retroactively decided their stuff should be free. First time this has happened to me.

2. This is the second time a Web 2.0 company gives me nice perks because they were bought out and wanted to reward their early paying customers.

3. There have been two nice dedicated Web 2.0 offerings for blog statistics, BlogBeat and Measure Map. Now they both don’t accept new customers because they were bought out. In other words, bloggers are stuck again with generic web statistics packages like Mint and Google Analytics.

Fun, fun, fun. The Web 2.0 soap opera continues.

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  1. Seebi says:

    so I am number 4 ;-)

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