Seven minutes of Feynman

David Weinberger has dug up a great clip of Richard Feynman explaining physics and the universe:

When you’re thinking about something that you don’t understand, you have a terrible, uncomfortable feeling called confusion. It’s a very difficult and unhappy business. And so, most of the time, you’re rather unhappy, actually, with this confusion. You can’t penetrate this thing.

The confusion is because we are some kind of apes that are kind of stupid, trying to put two sticks together to reach the banana, and we can’t quite make it. And I got this feeling all the time, that I’m an ape trying to put two sticks together. So I always feel stupid. Once in a while though, the sticks go together on me and I reach the banana.

The clip displays Feynman’s tremendous ability to put complex subjects into simple words.

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