It may seem easy, but you have to practice before you become good at it

Ze Frank explains the art of procrastination.

Procrastinating may seem easy, but you have to practice a bit before you become good at it. … Beginning procrastinators should start with small, solvable tasks that are related to, but not identical to the thing that’s being put off … If you get very good at procrastinating, you will find that you have many things you want to put off at once! If this happens, you are ready for more generalized procrastination techniques that can be applied to any situation. These are called addictions. …

Insightful and funny, as usual.

My top three favourite procrastination techniques:

1. Get an RSS reader and build a huge subscription list.
2. Get an instant messenger and build a huge buddy list.
3. Start a blog. For bonus points, start a blog on procrastination.

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