Objectviewer: Yet another linked data browser

Via Troy Self’s introduction to the Linking Open Data list I came across the Objectviewer, yet another Semantic Web browser based on the linked data principles. This increases the number of available Semantic Web browser prototypes to four: Tabulator, Disco, the OpenLink Ajax Toolkit browser, and now ObjectViewer.

ObjectViewer has quite a nice visualization of the browsed resource as a simple graph, which isn’t really all that useful in practice, but always makes for stunning demos. A live example on some dbpedia data is here (the browser chrome is missing, I couldn’t figure out how to make a proper direct link), and a screenshot is below.

Objectviewer screenshot

Webby data everywhere!

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2 Responses to Objectviewer: Yet another linked data browser

  1. Mike Bergman says:

    Hi Richard,

    I have seen you and Kingsley both begin listing RDF browsers or viewers. I did a quick filter on my Sweet Tools listing (http://www.mkbergman.com/?page_id=325) of semantic Web and -related tools using ‘browser’ and came up with 23 results. Some of the ones that looked promising included Brown Sauce, Longwell, Magpie (?), Ocelot and Oink.

    Frankly, I myself am only now working through the tools on this list, so I don’t know if any of those listed (or others I may have mis-characterized) could be of benefit.

    If you do have a chance to poke through this list, please let us know which might work for viewing dbpedia. Or, within the foreseeable future, I may have reviewed myself, in which case I will weigh in again with an updated RDF browser list.

    (BTW, ObjectViewer was already in Sweet Tools!) :)


  2. You might also be interested in seeing Parallax (http://mqlx.com/~david/parallax/) or razorbase (http://www.razorbase.com)

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